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Copy Protection

Copy Block Encryption helps protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Now you can quickly and efficiently protect all your files from illegal distribution including videos, audios, pictures and documents. Copy protecting your important files can help prevent revenue loss, loss of intellectual property credit and copyright infringements.

Coda, Inc. offers a one-stop solution to secure your data and helps protect sensitive information against illegal distribution, file sharing and unauthorized use. With built-in protection from stamper to disc, Coda can provide copy protection on replicated discs for as little as 500 copies and a one-time setup charge per title. Coda offers a variety of integrated anti-theft solutions which makes it easy and quickly to protect your data.

Copy Protection

Copy Protection features the latest anti-rip CSS encryption technology for all your data protection needs. Protect important media files including videos, audio, pictures and documents.

Unauthorized Duplication

With the introduction of Digital Rights Management or DRM helps restrict unauthorized duplication and file sharing.

Data Protection

Advanced Macrovision (now Rovi) copy protection technology to safeguard against data theft, sharing and illegal distribution.


Serialization scrambles bits of information into computer memory which makes it difficult for even the most avid user from cracking, decoding, de-serializing or reverse engineering software programs.

Password Protection

Password protected files enhances your data’s integrity and confidentiality by restricting users from altering files in any way, shape or form.

Software Licensing

Software Licensing grants permission to an end-user by means of purchasing a license or a set of licenses to use the program as directed.

Online Verification

Online Verification adds another line of defense by directing a user to verify or register programs before use.

Custom Solutions

Custom security measures can be applied to help prevent data leak and illegal distribution.

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