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Custom Packaging

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Coda, Inc. provides a variety of automated and unique packaging services to meet the needs of those who require digital media assembled with other consumer consigned materials. We work closely with several approved vendors to procure and source the various kinds of packaging materials required to meet your specific requests.  Choose from a massive collection of media and packaging products covering a broad range of categories including but not limited to binders, folders, software and retail boxes, eco-friendly packaging, thermoformed cases, folding cartons, trays, slips, tubes, sleeves, wraps, rigid boxes, corrugated containers, point-of-sale displays and much more!

We specialize in packaging and assembling retail ready products with delivery to the end user or to your warehouse with quality assurance and communication every step of the way. Over the years we have developed proven, scalable solutions that will save you time and money and ensure your packaged products perform well in the field and meet the expectations of your clients now and for many years to come. Coda offers a comprehensive line of custom solutions from concept to creation, contact us today to get your projects started!


Binders & Inserts

Keep your digital content modules and literature organized and secure with a durable 3-ring binder. Binders present your information in a way to make it appealing to viewers and provide a great impact on how to best use your professional services. Choose from a wide variety of vinyl and poly inserts to complete the professionalism of your presentation.


Product Displays

Product displays make your products more appealing to potential buyers and also add a distinguished look to your products and services. Present your product information in a neat and categorized way to show customers you’re on the right track. These are great for sales and presentation kits, CD/DVD storage, marketing & promotional, new items, top deals just to name a few. The many benefits you can get from product display kits are endless!


Eco-Friendly Solutions

If you require eco-friendly products or need to launch an environmentally based campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Coda offers sustainable and renewable eco-friendly packaging solutions including binders, sleeves, inserts, and badges made from 100% recyclable materials.


Custom Folders

Custom folders are a great way to impress potential prospects. Including digital media in your portfolio presentation raises the bar and can be the difference maker between choosing you or your competitor. This product is versatile enough to be used by many industries including health care, startup companies, Universities and a wide variety of other applications.


Retail Boxes

Traditional retail boxes have been an old faithful packaging solution when you want tangible cosmetic products to be available in brick and mortal retail stores for purchase. When customized with crisp clean graphics, these boxes are a great way to grab your customers’ attention and can be an effective marketing tool in its own. Products include software boxes, hanging boxes, tabbed or pegged boxes, custom boxes and more. Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes.


Thermoformed Cases

Thermoformed cases are molded into a form using specialized plastic materials which make it a very lightweight but durable packaging option. Its sturdy construction allows you to combine digital media and literature together making it the perfect presentation package for keynote speakers, teachers, presenters and the likes of such. It also features a transparent outer overlay to display a full color printed insert.


Envelopes & Mailers

Professional Envelopes and Mailers work beautifully for all kinds of service providers including direct mail, presentations and many other professional uses. It features a clean layout design that allows you to display your desired content at its best which makes it an ideal choice for small businesses and companies alike.  Choose from a wide range of styles including the universal seal type or V-flap #10 to complete customized solutions.


Disc Albums

These multi-purpose disc albums feature predefined storage capabilities built to hold and protect your digital media content. Take advantage of the sequential benefits these album cases have to offer and store anywhere between 2 and 48 discs. It also features a clear overlay allowing you to fully showcase your product’s intent which may convert your potential prospects into becoming loyal customers.