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CD/DVD Premastering

Premastering is essentially preparing the files to be burned on a CD or DVD. These can range from CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-ROM processing. The mastered disc is then used to make hundreds, if not thousands of copies. Ensuring your mastered disc is properly formatted for duplication or replication is of high importance. You DO NOT want to be stuck with bad copies or the expense of having to redo your projects.

Using consumer grade media can sometimes affect the functionality and playback of your mastered CD or DVD. Even burning software can sometimes cause your tracks to skip or jump. Coda, Inc. utilizes error checking and comparing technologies to ensure your mastered CD or DVD is formatted to the right specifications. We use top industry media to create your master and guarantee your copies will be of quality standards.


-Professional Grade media
-Multiple formats supported
-Includes FREE master check discs for approval
-Leading industry software to create your mastered disc
-Compliant for Duplication or Replication ready projects
-Easy and Secure FTP upload process for your digital files

Reviewing your master

When you think you may have the perfect masterpiece, think again. It is important to review your mastered disc before you submit it for duplication or replication. It is the responsibility of the project owner to make sure the mastered disc is the correct and final version to make copies from. Coda, Inc. cannot be held liable for bad or damaged masters. We recommend you thoroughly review your premastered discs 2-3 times before you approve it.


Send us your digital files via FTP/Dropbox and Coda will premaster your CD or DVD discs. We will then send you a check disc for you to review before we begin the duplication or replication process. Our premastering process performs a series of error checks to make sure your mastered disc is perfect to make copies from. Once you approve the check disc you do not have to do anything else. Coda will have a backup copy saved which will be used to begin the production process.
Premastering starts from $25 and up depending on the complexity of your projects. If you have any questions regarding our premastering process please contact our customer service department.

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