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Audio/Video Transfer Service

Magnetic storage media such as VHS tapes, audio cassettes, film based media types and other legacy formats may eventually deteriorate over time, leaving you with no media at all. Furthermore the devices needed to play them are quickly becoming obsolete. Don't risk the chance of losing important footage you may never be able to access or recover.

At Coda, Inc. you will find low cost solutions for transferring, converting and archiving your analog formats to a more future-proof digital format. With the advent of increasingly changing landscapes in video technology, Coda, Inc. addresses the growing need for multimedia preservation, retrieval, backup and archiving overall reducing your storage media footprint. We service a wide range of markets from industrial and government agencies, identity management, broadcast news retrieval, video surveillance to consumer based collections.

VHS2DVD Transfers

VHS Tapes can become damaged or develop color bleeds, glitches, white marks and other distortions. If you have footage or like many of us, have countless hours of home video stored on VHS tapes, then it is essential for you to transfer your tapes to DVD-video or a widely supported digital format.

The longer you wait the greater of a chance you risk losing everything! CDs and DVDs offer superior video and audio quality when compared to magnetic tapes, and last much longer because they are digitally encoded.

Coda, Inc. offers a full comprehensive package that includes a video capturing service using state of the art equipment to ensure your videos are met with the finest quality and pinpoint accuracy. To top it off, we can add special features and custom menus for a more personalized, professional look.

Enjoy the convenience of playing videos on your PC, MAC or DVD player. Easily upload and share your videos via YouTube, Facebook, and many other social media sharing platforms. Send video files to your clients through a private FTP session. With so many possibilities, you will have full control over the way you choose to distribute your media.

Our transfer service also include film to digital conversion including 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film transfers. Please contact one of our representatives to get your project started!



-Reduce your storage footprint
-Preserve priceless memories

-Upload, transfer and share digital files

-Easily accessible and great for archiving purposes

-Provides a longer lifespan and greater convenience

Audio Transfer & Conversion

Coda, Inc. offers a variety of custom solutions to preserve audio from a wide variety of formats. Converting files to a digital format offers many benefits including better flexibility when you need to share, edit or distribute your audio recordings. This way you can quickly and easily access the digital files to use in multimedia presentations and the likes of such. Coda utilizes top of the line equipment to handle all your audio tape conversion and transfer needs including audio digitizing, digital post-processing, audio capture, noise reduction and variety of different effects.

Floppy Disc Service

Our services at Coda, Inc. include high-speed, high capacity duplication and custom label printing. We use Trace 3020 equipment to copy diskettes. Each track of your disk is verified throughout the entire production process to ensure the highest quality duplication or transfer.

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